05 November 2008

Free Reader's Digest Online

I've always enjoy reading one or two Reader's Digest article or the whole magazine, and end up sometimes buying it.

But for me it's quite expensive to buy every single one of the Reader Digest, I think it's about $8 per issue. And if you subscribe for the whole year it wil cost you $99.

Thank God, Reader's Digest is quite generous, you can read almost all the main article free ! Okay how to get it?

just simply go to Reader's Digest Asia, browse the toolbar on the left side and go to the current month and features (you can also browse the past issues a swell)
                     Picture taken from RD Asia

When you click the article you will get the online version of the Reader Digest! Cool isn't it?

     Picture taken from RD Asia
If you stumble upon this notification in the article, just register to access the free Reader's Digest Online Version. 
So what you are waiting for? it's free! Happy Reading :)
It's not the end yet, so Alex, I rather read and hold the hard copy than the soft copy, Any alternative of free hard copy Reader's Digest?

Yap, you can find free one! Well not exactly free but you can borrow it from the National Library (You can get the whole magazine but some sacrifice to be made: you may not get the latest issue + you need to walk to library which is not a bad idea ... walking is good for your heart hehe)
  1. Superb
    Thank you. It works like a charm and help me a lot.

  2. Glad it helps you :) let me know if you have other similar interesting stuff i'll post it here


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