09 November 2008

I'll Set My Mind Lyrics Guitar Chord

I try to find I'll set my mind on you Lord guitar key and have diffulties to find it.

I'll hope that this can be a blessing for those who is looking for the lyrics + Guitar Chord

I'll Set My Mind

   D         A/C#     Bm           A
I'll set my mind on You Lord

G                    D/F#   A    
I'll choose you every time

F#m                           Bm
Focus my eyes on you Lord

Em                        A           
And dedicate my life

G     A         D    Bm
Here I am use me

G           A        D  D7
Come into my life

G            A       D           Bm
I want to be more like Jesus

Em            A       D
Until the end of time
  1. this is so helpful as i was pain-stakingly finding the lyrics and chords of this song for worship leading. thanks!!!


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