19 December 2008

Creative Birthday Celebration

Show that you care about their birthday, this entry is dedicated for people who squize their brain juice to do a creative bday celeb for me :) appreciate it!

1. Prepare the birthday cake, wait until that person sleep then suprise him by singing happy bday infront of the room, make sure you capture that blur moment when he open the door, you can sprinkle a water too!

2. Invite him/her fish and co, let the staff to know in advance that you want to celebrate birthday, what they do! They will come to the birthday boy or girl, tell him or her to stand up on the chair infront of many people and given a fire stick then the staff wil sing happy bday

3. Prepare at least three alarm clock, put a different alarm time and put in his/ her room in a hidden place, eg set the time 1am, 2am, 4am don't forget to put on a different and difficult to find places

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