10 December 2008

Shine Like Stars Guitar Chord - True Worshiper

Shine Like Stars Guitar Chord - True Worshiper
Do = G, 4/4
Intro : Em D/F# G Am
G/B C . . 4x

Em                     C                    G
     Look at the world we live today
                   D/F#                    Em
Look at the hurting everywhere
                      C                    G
Let us see mercy and Your grace
            D                       Em
Overflowed in every place
               C                       G
Let us be one with You today
       D/F#                C
And let Your glory fall

Em                  C                      G
    Teach us to live in righteousness
                   D/F#              Em
Teach us to love in one accord
                   C                   G
Guide us to live life everyday
           D                       Em
As we worship in Your court
               C                      G
Let us declare Your majesty
         D/F#            C
And let Your glory fall

We will shine
Shine like stars above
Shining in Your light
             G          D/F#
Guided by Your love
Let Your fire burn in us
Burning like the sun
As we glorify
                         G           D/F#
And show Your kingdom come

In all the earth

Em             C                      G
    We will shine like stars above
As we’re burning like the sun
Thanks to True Worshiper for the lyrics and guitar chord

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