Bejeweled 2 iPhone Facebook Cheat Tips Tricks

Okay the cheat for Bejeweled 2 is that work hard .... hahah Well if you look around definitely you can find the cheat or even the hack fo...

Okay the cheat for Bejeweled 2 is that work hard .... hahah

Well if you look around definitely you can find the cheat or even the hack for the facebook bejeweled 2 ... but come on ... where's the fun then ? 

So instead of the cheat I'll give you the tips and trick to play Bejeweled 2 ... actually this is for iPhone since Facebook version has a new feature like multiplier in the beginning, extra 5 second, etc ... but the basic principle will be same. 

My best score is 500K, hope that you can reach higher score than me :) 

1. There is luck factor in this game ... so it's not just purely skils... but what we can do ... let's improve it 

2. Train your eyes to scan through other place once your finger move a jeweled ... so while you move the jeweled quickly scan through to look for next one. 

3. Speed is the key .... you will notice the faster you go in bejeweled 2 you will get a bonus point ... start from 100 till 1000 ... so keep maintaining the 1000 bonus point ... if the point is gone you know that you are losing the speed so just restart the game. 

4. Multiplier is the your lucky star (I guess you need to eliminate more than 10 jewels in one move to get it)... multiplier is one of the important factor. so try as hard as possible to get as many as you can ... normally if you can get X7 you will get minimum 300k and above 

5. Exploding jewel, use it whenever it's possible to keep it ... you will have 80% change to get the multiplier 
6. If you get the hyper cube .. scan through and used it for the most jeweled that you can see on the screen.
the iPhone version have slightly different graphic than the facebook

7. if you have like one exploding jewel and one hyper cube .... use one by one ... use the exploding jewel, if you get the multiplier try to explode it .. before you use the hyper cube. the reason is that there is a time frame between the multiplier ... so you better wait for a while after you get (appear on the screen) your multiplier before attempting to get the next one.

e.g you have 2 hyper cube... you use the first one and you get the multiplier, then quickly you use the second hyper cube (even though you manage to remove 20 jewels) but you will not get the multiplier again. well what's the time frame ... I'm not sure I think it's between 3-5 seconds

so just remember if you want a high score you need speed, multiplier and little bit of luck ;)

and luck comes from hard work

Enjoy your Bejeweled 2


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