Book of Eli - Spoiler Alert !!!

Okay My review for the Book of Eli .... it was a boring movie with a good concept .... and the power behind this movie is that ..... you wi...

Okay My review for the Book of Eli .... it was a boring movie with a good concept .... and the power behind this movie is that ..... you will think about what you have learn over and over again ... and you will keep questioning about the movie ... strange feeling ....

Well even thought it's boring, I'll recommend you to watch it ... don't wait for the DVD ... because you will just switch it off... instead go to cinema...

Okay I know I'm giving a contradict statement ,,, but well it's difficult to describe .. you will appreciate it more if you have a Christian background...

Okay .. for those who haven't watch Book of Eli please stop here ... else proceed ...

Do Not Read this Entry Below if you haven't watch the movie ... 

You have been warned .... but if you still insist well maybe you will able to appreciate it more when you watch it...







Okay the Great Mystery and Question about Book of Eli, is he / Eli Blind?

Well in the Bible ... you will remember Eli .... the one who raise up Samuel ... Eli was blind at the end when he grow older .. which later he fell from the chair, broke his neck and died ...

It's difficult to accept but my verdict yes for the movie "Book of Eli" he was blind ... wait! maybe half - blind ...

I get this comment from yahoo answer

Yes he is blind. Since the movie is semi-biblical you should know there was an Eli in the Bible and he was blind. He was also somewhat of a fighter I believe.

Halfway through the movie Eli could hear Carnegie's (the main bad guys) cars start up. Later he heard them coming long before they got there. Like most blind people his other senses were hightened because he didn't have any sight. He also could smell the cannibals at the beginning. He did not shoot the wild cat until it meowed. He heard the bird flying through the air before he shot it. Go see the movie again if you want.

You might see some stuff that's hard to explain, but you'll be amazed at the things you'll notice if you start it knowing he's blind. One of the coolest things I remembered is that during the gunfight he didn't shoot the snipers until they shot at him. After he shot all the men he walked out and didnt' shoot the man standing in the road.

Why? I think it's because the man didn't shoot at Eli and Eli didn't know the man was there because Eli couldn't see him. After the fight in the older couple's house Eli waved his knife around, but didn't fight because he couldn't tell where the men were. They weren't shooting or talking or moving even so he had no idea how to fight them.

There is a lot of other evidence throughout the movie. During the fight at the beginning he could hear the fighters because they were cannibals. Later it explains that cannibals shake because they have had too much human meat. The men he fought, all shook their weapons. The chainsaw guy was obvious.
Apparently he shouldn't have known that there were the connectors to his radio. Well the scene entered in after he had gotten it back. Who knows but I say he had felt them.

I don't agree he had the hand of god in battle because he got shot later. Its just that when the man shot at him in the street he had bad aim. The second bullet flicked the top of Eli's coat. That is my answer. I may have misinterpreted things because I have only seen it once, but it was a great movie and I may see it again. - hawaii dude

Yes. Eli was indeed blind. As a first reference, Eli in the Bible was blind. Also there are a number of significant clues that point to his inability to see. He did not shoot the hairless cat in the woods until it made noise, he had to feel the skeletons feet in the car to find out if it was wearing shoes. He identified the gang of cannibals at the beginning through a heightened sense of smell, he also backed into the darkness of the bridge when fighting the group to give himself a more level fighting arena. These are just the early clues not to mention the bow and arrow shot of killing the bird, hearing the trucks from miles away when Solara could not, and letting everyone in the gunfight shoot first before accurately returning fire.

As far as the arguments against his lack of sight, Solara mentions the graves before he comments on them and the sound of the tea cups rattling against the plates tells him that the old woman's hand was shaking. The scene with the radio connectors is joined mid-conversation leaving him to have felt the connecting wires before asking him to remove them, also in that case anyone with sight would've been able to detach the wires themselves by simply looking at them he did not want to risk being electrocuted, that's why he made the engineer do it.

Not to mention the simple motion of brushing his shirt to alert the blind woman of his location, his special interest in how she became blind as well as his lack of visual or physical description of the world "before the war" or "flash" when asked by Solara. His eyes were most definitely gray and showed fully developed cataracts.

As far as his "protection" the first shot fired at Eli in the gunfight scene was a warning to get him to stop, he did not, the second was aimed at his head and narrowly missed grazing his hood, then all hell broke loose and he began to return fire. Notice also that when Eli himself was in "shock" after being shot, he waved his switchblade around wildly as if he had no idea where his enemies were around him. - isaac

Btw I think he wase half blind ..... watch the trailer again and you will notice some thing .... hmm 

1. he looked at Solara after bang the head of the cat's owner (Cat's owner ...haha ).... he saw Solara after killing bunch of people in the bar ... and he said to solara when she entered later inside the room that "you are the girl that holding the water bottle" 

2. When they were at the old man house, about to leave and the gang came with cars / tanks / whatever .... they came again to the house and Eli was picking from the window .... hmm make sense if he was half blind ... or it's just some glinch from the director ... watch the trailer !  click here

3. When he was at the bridge at the end of the movie ... did he saw the island ? well he was not blind then...

4. The fighting in bar ... if you look carefully he was fighting like a blind man ... the first fight ... why he was fighting in the dark .... (he know it's dark probably because he can feel the sun ray) 

5. Well he certainly get some gift to fight and shoot bird in the sky ...

so sometimes he's blind sometimes not ... so he's half blind .... or the directory didnt do a good job!or maybe the will reveal it in the next sequel ... the book of Solara ... since she's took that blade and continue the legacy ...
I would like to watch this movie again to make sure he is really blind!!!! hmm if it's free ... but at least for Now I can sleep in peace haha .... I hope I will not dream about this movie :)

Btw if anyone of you have more information please let me know !! I want the truth .... 


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