17 March 2010

Feling not Fresh after Wake Up? - Recommended Foldable Bed / Mattress in Singapore

Do You feel backpain after wake up?
Do You feel shoulder pain after wake up? 
Do You feel Headache after wake up? 
Do Your Body feel tired each morning? 

Maybe it's time to change your mattress / bed ... 

That's what happen to me ... every morning I woke up I feel discomfort on my back near my spine... I suspected this also lead to my prolong headache... 

Anyway the best indicator is that when you wake up you feel not that fresh or uncomfortable even you have enough sleep and sleep early.  

Anyway I'll go for the recommendation for the foldable mattress / bed in Singapore. 

It's common for us to get visitor at our house here in Singapore, and sometimes we need extra bed ... we go to our friendly bed / mattress seller in our neigberhood but sometimes we are dissapointed because of the price tag and quality of the foldable bed. 

So here you go ... a affordable, cheap, but with quality ... 

Seahorse 3-Fold Bed .... and the price .... only S$36 for the heavy type. 

You can look here for the promotion 50% + 10% (even though the promotion seems outdated but they still have it around the Singapore). 

What you see is the 50% discount, when you go to the shop (I went there at 17 March 2010.. Don't know until when the promotion will last) they will give you extra 10% discount. 

Below on the brochure you can see the shop address and phone number, which about the hotline number .... don't bother to call them ... asking do they have stock ... they will answer no and they don't know when the stock arrived and they have difficulties speaking English.... what a hotline..  maybe it's a Hongkong company, that's why they dont emphasize on chinese. 

Anyway I dont believe what they said and I went to Tiong Bahru.... I see all the mattress and then all have the sticker paid ... I ask the guy when the stock is coming, he said about three weeks and he recommend me another type which cost me $80+ stock arrived on next week. I ask how about another outlet, he said it's the same because the warehouse don't the stock anymore. I felt unconformable as well speaking to him ....  

Then I go to Suntec Seahorse ... Over there they have the stock ! but only one type the $80+ ... and for the $36 she said by Saturday or early next week the stock will arrived.  In the end I paid for the expensive 3 fold mattress and go back. 

The review of the 3 Fold Bed / Mattress Seahorse ..... it's good ! it's hard as a rock and when I woke up this morning, I dont feel any pain on my back :) 

Btw they don't come with warranty ... all their Mattress because of hygiene reason. 

So I think if you think you need it soon, just book in advance for the $36, it's worth buying compare to your friendly neighborhood foldable bed. Recommended shop: Seahorse Plaza Singapore and Seahorse Suntec instead of Seahorse Tiong Bahru. Btw this is my own experience, it may different from other people.

If it's for your personal use and you will use it everyday I recommend you to buy the expensive one.. S$80+ I guess it's S$86 or $S89 really forget the price ... and when I Bought it? don't even dare to ask it hahaha.. it's on 17 of March ...

The difference is that the S$89 using high density foam which is harder and lighter. 

This one is the S$36 Crystal 3 Fold Mattress
3 – Fold mattress which easy to pick up and storage. 
Reasonable price, it is a nice choice for bargain – hunter 

This one is the S$89 Healthy 3 Fold Mattress
eahorse Healthy 3 – Fold mattress, including the best selling No. 1 mattress all value for its hardness, durability, comfort, healthy, safety, appearance and superb value. 3 – Fold design is to make easy to pick up and storage, quilted cover, soft and appearance. It is one of the must buy mattresses.  

Btw don't forget to buy the guilt / bed cover as well it's only cost you $11 (after 50% discount) ... literally they are having 50% for the whole item.  
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