24 May 2010

The Complete Episode: MAC VS PC Advertisement

Right right ... I know mOnDay BLUE ... 

Okay so if you are bored .. and I guess you are bored if not you will not see this blog now .... then let me give you something for laugh :) 

As the title mention ... it's MAC vs PC .... well this advertisement is from MAC point of view .... please don't bash me if you have a bad mood + you are a PC lover. 

I own a MAC and I use "PC" for work ... so which one is better? well it's depend .... they have their own advantage and disadvantage... :) 

So here you go 

Hmmm ... Did I say the Complete Episode?  what you just see is the second advertisement from 2006, to see the whole .... advertisement ... here is the link http://adweek.blogs.com/adfreak/get-a-mac-the-complete-campaign.html

By the way I heard that this advertisement will be discontinued soon.... I will miss them :)

Enjoy your Monday .... 

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