04 June 2010

Singapore MRT Graffiti Vandal

I'm sure that you never imagine something like this ....

Nope .. it's not a new advertisement ....
Nope .. it's not a part from Singapore Arts Festival

The MRT was vandalized...

My first question was ... how  did they do that .... they just went to one of the mrt station, taking out the spray and finish it in couple of second? or it's just a prank from one of the MRT staff...

Ok let's not assume things ... according to straits time (btw it's a prime news in the straits times)
 it's because a vandal sneak into the sprawling depot at Changi, despite an array of barriers, including fences topped with barbed wire

Once inside, he spray-painted elaborate graffiti on one side of a train.

Straits time says man arrested...I hope that that this person learn his lesson and be a better person in the future ... he has skills but it's even better if he can use it for a better use (legal).
  1. You've gotto admit, it looks much better than the attempt-at-cool campaign by Singpost sometime back


  2. Yea, that true .. but who knows it's the same person? it's just that he improve in his skills hahaha

  3. When I see stuff like this, I'm remided that we're not a bunch of robots that have to be stuffed with paid media all the time. It's fresh.

  4. o right. what comments appear on your blog goes through your approval. i guess i won't be seeing what i just commented on then.

  5. @Pagit

    Oh yes ... it's goes through my approval.

    I apologize because I will not publish your first post.

    About legal and illegal, it's up to you to voice out... for me if it's breaking the law and police put you in jail it's called illegal.

    @rest the joke about the karate kid is not appropriate and it's looks more like personal attack and I've edit those comments.

  6. What is legal is not always what is moral and what is illegal is not necessary immoral.

  7. Lazysnail, at least I hope you would agree with me when I say that the artist should be spared the cane, which is what he's facing now. Caning as punishment is an embarrassment in this day and age, especially for a modern progressive city like ours.

  8. Yeah that's true sometimes the law can be immoral as well .... like death sentence... I think that no matter how guilty that person is .. we shouldn't kill a person... i mean who are we to decided someone life and death... it's human rights to life.

    @complainking in some extent what you said it's true ... it's public embarrassment. But even with that kind of punishment people still break the law...

    btw do they reveal the name of person in public (the canning punishment)?

  9. singapore needs more of this


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