21 August 2010

The Best Free Camera Apps iPhone - Application Stunning Photo Effects

Okay one of the best free camera apps for iPhone with really an amazing and stunning photo effect is Hipstamatic ... hey aren't you going to talk about the best Free Camera Apps  ?

Yeah ... why i mention Hipstamatic is because well it looks like Hipstamatic but it's "free"(for now)...  just good enough for a newbie iPhoneography or event the professional photographer :D (iPhone 3gs and iPhone 4)

For the $0 - free price for a camera photo effects - simply unbeatable ... including a fish eye lens !

Okay without delay ... the best free Camera Apps for iPhone 2010 is .... 

Pudding ... a camera app for iPhone worth downloading. it's from Korea developer but they have some english description about this pudding the best free photo apps. I cant even imagine using this free camera apps for iPhone 4 ... the result must be awesome...

Pudding Camera for iPhone (link to itunes click here)
Pudding camera offers seven kinds of camera, and seven kinds of film settings. You can use any combination of these options by FREE so enjoy many kinds of stylish photos with this Pudding Camera!

• Combination of Camera&Films
• Exposure setting (-2.0~2.0)
• Self photo taking mode
• support 3 kinds of file size (small:472px, medium:700px, large:1280px)
• Saving shooting mode
• Using location information
• Viewing photos by date
• Sharing with your friends via email, Twitter, Facebook, or me2day
• Auto saving into Pudding (Pudding is a web photo album serviced by Paran.)
• Creating an account of Pudding

I have tried a number of photo / camera apps for iPhone but up until now have been pretty unimpressed. I fear the iPhone 3GS' (no iPhone 4 here in Korea yet) paltry 3 mega pixel camera is pretty crap as it is - adding Lomo effects and various other tweeks in apps like Adobe's woefully inadequate Photoshop Mobile ended up degrading the quality of pictures even further.

Pudding Camera on the other hand offers 7 different film effects and 7 different camera / lens effects. On the film side you have your standard iPhone basic, Mono (black and white), Noir (adding that faded "I took a photo in 1972 and now its faded" look), Vintage Brown and Vintage Blue which pushes up the yellows and blues in the exposure, Vignetting (which is an effect cameramen generally try to avoid unless wanting it for effect), and Dazzel (over exposed look). Pretty standard, but here is the key and what I suspect leads to much better photos.

rather than applying the filter before taking the snap the effect (camera, film or both) is done in software after the image has been captured. (I stand to be corrected on this point, but the processing time between taking a picture and being able to view it can take some time if you have something process-intensive, say vignetting and fisheye effects.

On the camera effect side you have another 7 options, A "4 lens" "Motion" camera producing a 2x2 square of 4 images at  37mm equivalent, 4:3 image, and a "4 lens" (Linear) "motion" camera, producing a 4 cut 37mm equivalent, 1:3 image. Pudding again does something unique here, previous motion apps I have seen actually take a video (meaning you have to keep the phone still) and then slice up the action. Pudding takes 4 individual snaps and then joins them together

For a great review about this free camera apps you can read it more here (squarespace)

If you want to know the korean translation for the pudding iPhone apps setting you can see it below taken from LFOM multiply

The settings page (picture A) says this:
1. If you login you will have access to more features (the app allows you to upload pictures to an online service called Paran, who sponsors the app as far as I understood);
2. Login;
3. Saved photo size (pick either small/472px, medium/700px or big/1280px);
4. Enable/disable geolocation info (blue means it's enabled, you may want to disable it for privacy concerns);
5. Announcements (info about the app and online sharing service, Korean only);
6. App version;
7. Go to "Face Recognition" app (if you click the right button, Safari opens a page with info about another app, which I think by its icon is more a joke than a really useful app anyway);
8. Go to other Paran apps (if you click the right button, Safari opens a page about other apps related to Paran).

The newest 1.1 version of Pudding Camera is released.

What's new in version 1.1?

[improved feature]
- photo saving time speed up
- green dot on noir film is fixed
- photo viewing speed up
- login error fixed

[new functions added]
- Vivid film with high contrast & high saturation added (object, landscape optimized)
- saving image size small (472px) / medium (700px) / large (1280px)
- exposure value saved (dial on left)
- exposure value applied on photo shooting data
  1. Nice post. I was waiting for that
    Korean translation
    and I was glad that I have found it in here.Thanks for sharing.I could say that translators really play a big role in our society.I can't see machines taking over the jobs of human translators in the near future, as they have done with so many other professions.


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