09 September 2010

Cool Beautiful Amazing Unique Creative iPhone Wallpaper Background for iPhone 4

This is how to describe these amazing wallpaper for iPhone 3, iPhone 3Gs, iPhone 4 or even iPhone 5 :p 

Cool Beautiful Amazing Unique Creative iPhone Wallpaper Background.. enough said and enjoy the compilation.  Thanks for all the designer and creator of this beautiful and unique wallpaper for iPhone .... you just simply can't resist these beautiful wallpaper for iPhone. 

tips: just browse this blog from your iPhone - Safari,
1. tap on the picture, it will open a new page
2. tap and hold, save picture
3. go to general, wallpaper you can find it under your phone gallery and you are ready to set it up as a iPhone wallpaper =)


just click the picture and save the iPhone wallpaper as in to your pc / mac

An Amazing Green Circuit board iPhone Wallpaper / Background
from http://ipodtouchtricks.net/

A Cool Blue Print iPhone Wallpaper / Background
from http://havvac.com/

A Light Cool Blue iPhone Wallpaper
from http://mantia.me

A Grey Grid Template iPhone Wallpaper should have called greyprint instead of blueprint :)
from http://static.maniacalrage.net/

A Beautiful dot Carbon iPhone Wallpaper / Background
from http://static.maniacalrage.net/

A Messy Confusing but Cool iPhone Wallpaper / background
from http://kottke.org/

A Beautiful Dark Wodden Shelf Apps iPhone Wallpaper / Background
from http://cl.ly/61cf40c7e21be4351676 Jeff Broderick

A Beautiful LightWodden Shelf Apps with Grey Background iPhone Wallpaper / Background
from http://itnsltwn.deviantart.com/

A Cool Pacman Fans iPhone Wallpaper / Background
from http://www.madin.jp/

Enjoy all the wallpapers, hope more and more beauitful wallpaper for iPhone 4 will be out soon... but at this time those all wallpapers will make your iPhone 4 looks cooler and unique compare to the rest of iPhone 4 user :)
  1. Thats my wallpaper! I named it BluePrint, the one that looks like a blueprint page. Nice to see it going around the sites!

  2. Hi Brad,

    Which one? do you have a direct link? i'll link it to your website as acknowledgement


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