02 November 2010

Blackberry Prepaid Card in Singapore how to get it?

Traveling to Singapore and you are confused how to activate your blackberry in Singapore? 

Too expensive to use roaming XL sim card from Indonesia or any other country ?

Don't worry, THERE IS a blackberry prepaid sim card in Singapore.

Up to now, only Starhub green card provide blackberry prepaid sim card. How about Singtel Hi Card prepaid blackberry or M1 prepaid blackberry in Singapore? nope ... only Starhub provide the prepaid blackberry internet service as 1st November 2010. 

How much is the prepaid blackberry service in Singapore? Here is the plan for starhub green card blackberry prepaid service for individual

3 Days - S$10 (local bundle data 50 MB)
7 Days - S$18 (local bundle data 200 MB) 
30 Days - S$25 (local bundle data 1 GB)  

BB messenger and email is free, is not counted towards the local bundle data for the prepaid blackberry in Singapore.

there is a plan for corporate as well for the prepaid blackberry. 

So how to get the prepaid blackberry sim card in Singapore? 

1. Look for Starhub GREEN prepaid Cards and buy it... of course

You pay for S$15 you get the $18 value, if are planning to use 7 / 30 days blackberry prepaid plan in Singapore then it's recommended that you top up your card.

There are 2 types of top up card (the most common, there are more actually)

update: thanks for Joseph for the info, Happy 128 cannot be used for the prepaid blackberry plan

Happy S$128 and S$18 ... what $128? actually the top up card cost $28 but you get a "local value" S$100 (which you can't use for international call / sms / pay the blackberry prepaid service) + $28 (which you can use for the international call / sms / the blacberry prepaid service)

So which starhub top up card should I buy for the prepaid Blackberry? depends, if you are going to make couple of local calls buy $38, sms some friends in Singapore then you can choose the happy 128 (S$28) else just top up with the happy 18.

You can buy a different value:

Through top up card there are $18 and $38 , through Electronic/Internet Top-up (credit cards, debit cards, eNets VCard, POSB/DBS/OCBC ATMs, SingPost/SAMs, AXS stations) $10 , $17, $20, $30, $50, $80, $200 and $300

Can starhub online top up be used for Singapore Blackberry Prepaid? 
Yes, I tried using AXS for $20 to activate the Starhub Blackberry Prepaid for 7 days.
Be careful not to top up the $28 (happy 128) 

Tips: If you buy from an big outlet like starhub outlet / seven eleven / money changer you pay the amount exactly happy 128 for S$28 and happy 18 for S$18. but if you found a smaller shop near shopping mall they can sell it cheaper about $1 - $3 discount. well think it's too trouble some just buy it when you find the easier way just make sure you don't pay extra. btw you can let your friend in Singapore top it up for you online click here but  I think it's much easier to buy it together

2. Where can I buy GREEN starhub prepaid card for prepaid blackberry in Singapore?
If you are someone who sleep, eat, poo with your blackberry then search no further ... they sell it at Changi Airport. look for UOB Money Changer just outside the arrival hall they have it in T1 near Burger.

Outside the airport ... you can buy it almost anywhere... sometimes they will ask for your name and passport , you can buy it in

* UOB Foreign Exchange Counters (Changi Airport) 
* Cheers
* 7 Elevens / 7-11
* SingPost (post office)
* Handphone Shops
* Starhub shop retailer (you can find it in almost every mall)

My recommendation... buy it directly in Starhub shop retailer... just go to the cashier directly .. the only drawback sometimes it's a very long super long q ..... while buying the prepaid blackberry starhub card in Cheers / 7 elevens sometimes you need to wait till they can activate your card... sometimes 15 minutes sometimes 1 hour ...

3. How do I activate the Starhub "prepaid Blackberry" internet Service in Singapore? 

Obviously insert the sim card ... and Good Luck waiting for the eternal Startup of your BB :p

Dial *122# follow the question and choose your prepaid blackberry plan that you need.

After that you will receive sms (about 5 - 15 minutes or sooner) saying that you blackberry plan has been activated. If you can't use the email or blackberry messenger fear not ... sometimes after you receive the sms confirmation you still need to wait in order to use your prepaid card ... around 15 minutes ... and make sure that the logo of GPRS / 3G is in capital ... small cap "gprs" instead of "GPRS" just wait for a while and try to restart your blackberry.

Hmm okay time to pull my battery again ... hold on ... if you haven't know there is a "ctrl+alt+del" to restart / reboot the blackberry without pulling off the battery  it's alt + caps + del

If you are still unable to connect or receive email or blackberry messages... run the diagnostic tools

1. Go to Manage Connection
2. Choose Mobile Network Connection
3. Click the menu keypad (the blackberry logo between answer key and your track pad / ball)
4. Choose the diagnostic test 
5. Click the menu again 
6. Chose run 

tips: the prepaid BB plan based on 24 hours cycle ... so if you activate at 8am it will end at 8 am so you can match the timing with your departure. 

4. How to deactivate the prepaid blackberry sim card - Starhub GREEN ? 
You don't have to do anything ... simply let it run based on the prepaid plan that you've chosen

5. When my GREEN Starhub card is going to be expired. Can I Bring it back to my country? 
All StarHub Prepaid SIM cards have a validity period of 6 months from the date of activation. Customers will need to top-up the SIM card at least once every 6 months to extend the card validity period. Any top-up denomination will extend the Prepaid SIM card validity period to another 6 months from the date of top-up.

6. Enjoy your stay in Singapore ... don't keep playing your BB and miss out the beautiful city of Singapore ^___^ 
If you have more information or question regarding Prepaid Blackberry service in Singapore please leave a comment or comments :)

  1. Great information thank you.
    Do you know if this card will work in an iPhone 3G as well?

  2. Hi There,

    No, it's blackberry internet service so it's not applicable for iPhone.

    Maybe you can check this one:
    Surf anywhere on your mobile phone from as low as $2 with GREEN Prepaid card now! Simply select any of our value-packed data packages and activate anytime to start surfing from the next 24 hours!

    With MaxMobile Value Prepaid, you’ll get:
    Freedom: Surf Anywhere, Anytime via your mobile phone
    Value: Value packed data packages at a low price
    Flexibility: Activate plan as and when needed
    Fair Pricing: 24-hour Clock Cycle
    Packages available:
    Pay S$2 Get 20MB
    Pay S$4 Get 100MB
    Pay S$6 Get 200MB

    it's expensive, it's better to use a post paid plan if you are residing in Singapore.

  3. Thanks,
    I see they offer 7 days unlimited access for a 5 day rate at 7.2MB. $12 for the SIM and $32 for the data.

    I'll only be in Singapore for a week so that looks perfect.

  4. Thanks for the info,

    enjoy your stay. Btw you may want to google about the starhub setting for iphone prepaid card ... just in case.. if you found trouble and can't solve it you may want to visit the starhub outlet.

  5. SingTel Prepaid now has cheaper plans with more data bundle for BB, and longer validity for data plans (Singtel give 7 days, SH only give 1 day). Both can sign up by calling *363

    For BB

    Data plans

  6. Hi rubberduckii,
    thanks for the info :)

  7. Hi, is it possible to activate gmail in the normal blackberry e mail browser? I tried to do it, but was not able to do so.

  8. hi there you need to set it up first
    you can go to link below to setup your gmail account at starhub.

    after the setup starhub will push your gmail into you Blackberry automatically.

    starhub blackberry email activation

  9. Hello, i'm from Indonesia..I bought Green Prepaid Card which is worth S$8 2 months ago..

    Yesterday, i activated on my mobile phone but the signal lose..the signal doesn't exist anymore..

    could you tell me why it could be happen? because i had an information that all StarHub Prepaid SIM cards have a validity period of 6 months from the date of activation..

    since i bought it, i didn't do any top up..

    thanks ^,^

  10. Hi There,

    try to check whether you have inserted the sim card correctly.

    after you are sure that your sim card inserted correctly you can check the card expiry and the balance by pressing *113#

    hope this helps.

  11. Hello there,

    I plan to use the 7 days blackberry service. Because the 15$ prepaid card already has value of 18$ in it, is it ok not to top up it? I don't want to make any calls or sms though.

    Thank you,

  12. Hi Genesha,

    you can try to activate it first, if you can't then you need to top it up.

  13. if i will use the 7 day blackberry plan. and pay $18 do i need a maintaining balance so i can use it properly?

  14. Hi,

    it seems that you need to maintain the balance

    How are the plan(s) being charged?
    All BlackBerry Prepaid plans will be charged fairly based on 24-hour clock cycle.

  15. Hello

    Can we also make and receive calls in this blackberry prepaid or do we have to buy a separate plan for making calls


  16. you don't have to, you can make and receive call normally as long as you've the balance

  17. Is the top up different from the green prepaid card?

  18. Hi is the top up different from the green prepaid card? So I need to buy two cards? One for the simcard and one for the plan (25/ 30 days)??? Thanks

  19. no just buy one card for the blackberry green card, with that you can activate your blackberry and making call as well.

    please refer to the table on the link below to see the difference between this 2 cards.


    you can top up with the normal happy top up or happy 128 top card but be carefull only 28 can be used for the happy 128 for the bb plan


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