07 November 2010

Cool Beautiful Amazing Unique Creative iPhone Wallpaper Background for iPhone 4 November 2010

This is how to describe these amazing wallpaper for iPhone 3, iPhone 3Gs, iPhone 4 or even iPhone 5 :p this is iPhone wallpaper that you must have.

Cool Beautiful Amazing Unique Creative iPhone Wallpaper Background.. should I add Gorgeous for these really beautiful wallpaper for iPhone 4?

Thanks for all the designer and creator of this beautiful and unique wallpaper for iPhone .... you just simply can't resist these beautiful wallpaper for iPhone. 

So what are you waiting for ? Your iPhone 4 deserve a better background ... common people ... it's common sense ... you must be beautiful inside out .. not only you but your iPhone 4 as well ... it can add a flavor when you open up your iPhone .... I even wish that they have iPhone 4 auto rotating background every hour just like in the Mac OS ... just imagine that an auto rotating background for iPhone 4 ... okay iPhone 5 should do it .... how cool is that ... never mind leave my imagination behind just enjoy the iPhone Wallpaper November 2010 ...

tips: just browse this blog from your iPhone - Safari,
1. tap on the picture, it will open a new page
2. tap and hold, save picture
3. go to general, wallpaper you can find it under your phone gallery and you are ready to set it up as a iPhone wallpaper =)
just click the picture and save the iPhone wallpaper as in to your pc / mac 

Do you like IronMan? you must like this wallpaper .. the steel shelves wallpaper for iPhone  4

from tiko947

Do you like the moon and its mystery ... you like to listen to classical music and stary stary night? download this mystery moon wallpaper
... and you like baby in the garden .. you dream about it ... you want a baby ... okay don't make it as obsession download this super cute baby lying on the garden the new born iPhone 4 wallpaper / bacground
from vladstudio

The angry bird angry at the Halloween party .. well it's over now but do not hesitate to download this Halloween angry bird wallpaper / background for iPhone 4 from angry bird developer.... just download it for next year ...

The Little Bird iPhone wallpaper... this is must have ... girls will love it ...

Okay ... other that a cute little pet how about a cute little blue teddy bear iPhone wallpaper?
Want a bit more creativity for iPhone  4 Wallpaper? how about a little butterfly inside your stomach?

Okay .... where is the fish? I like fish ... okay then I'll give you the twitter whale iPhone Wallpaper / background for iPhone 4 and 3GS or iTouch

 Or his brother ... not that famous like the iPhone twitter whale wallpaper / background.
Feel like in Japan? some Samurai maybe .... look no further for this wave iPhone wallpaper.... so what about the samurai ? sorry folks just the japanese wave iPhone wallpaper... give you mount Fuji at the back so we can consider this as Mount Fuji and his best friend the Wave iPhone 4 Wallpaper.
That's all folks ... just download it ... change the background every one week and you good to go until the next post in December 2010 for the iPhone Wallpaper... please remind me if I forget about the next beautiful and creative iPhone Wallpaper!

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