05 November 2010

iPhone vs Blackberry Funny Video Advertisement

This is really a funny video and the cute girls as well :) 

Enjoy the video iPhone VS Blackberry 

Episode 1: iPhone Sophia is showing off how much more fun and playful she is compared to the stuffy, can only do work, with it's now outdated hard keyboard, Blackberry Bella.

iPhone Sophia has a new touchscreen and jokes around "Oops I didn't mean to call Japan" while the Blackberry has limited movie viewing and therefore, can't have any popcorn.

Part 2: iPhone vs Blackberry Storm Funny Video
The Naughty iPhone BlackBerry Bella has the new BlackBerry Storm in her hands. The only one in Canada since they are not sold here yet. Then iPhone 3G Sophia comes along ......

Part 3: The Apology The iPhone apologizes to the Blackberry. The blackberry shares her blackberries with the iPhone, but when the iPhone gives the Blackberry an apple with a bite in it .... (get it apple with a bite in it??)

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