07 November 2010

The Latest Singapore MRT LRT Map New Lines

These are not official map by SMRT, these were created by someone in a way before 2010 as a speculation so just treat it as just for fun. 

Okay here is the latest Singapore MRT LRT map new lines completed in 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014,2015,2016, 2017 ... well who knows ... I'm also not sure if this is the real Singapore MRT Map for the future ... 

Anyway maybe you can plan in advance if you are going to buy the hdb by looking at the new station at the new mrt / lrt line ...  :) 

Here I present (don't know who is the creator ... ) the new Singapore MRT / LRT Map introducing the circle line, the square line, the diamond line, the ketupat line (what is ketupat) and the one line... for the year 2012 hmm maybe 2013 oh wait 2014 no 2015 is better ...

If you can't remember the current colors of the MRT Lines in Singapore good luck ...cause they will be introducing a multitude new color to identify the MRT line in the future ... including the light green, indigo, light purple, black. I'll suggest before they do that .... even right now they should implement a new identification system for blind color people ... I'm wondering how they will differentiate the line ... errg you can take the train trough the square line and jump into the circle line after that take the mrt train to east south the second line to go to my place .... imagine that hahah. 

for the next map, I even don't bother to check out the name ... it's just too overwhelming for me...

I'm not sure whether this is really the future mrt line map for Singapore... anyone can confirm this? 

But we need to give the Singapore government a thumbs up for the MRT system... they've done a great job in planning and providing transportation. Don't you think so?
  1. If that was the future Singapore map the entire Singapore would fall under ground. It's geographically not realistic mate.

  2. yea i agree with maria.


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