27 December 2010

Indonesia Soccer Fans did that too? the Laser War Indonesia vs Malaysia.

Alright.... Indonesia Soccer/Football Fans also using green Laser towards Malaysia?... after my previous post Laser Beam Soccer War Indonesia vs Malaysia Soccer at Suzuki Cup

I did some googling about this Soccer Match between Indonesia and Malaysia and the Laser Saga.

I found that Indonesia Fans (maybe) did it too... i mean I found the info... seems that Ikhwan found it and submit it to gizmodo.  look at footage 4:05 -4:08 ... there was a green laser beam on Malaysian Goal Keeper Face

To cut the story simple, there are two possibility.
1. Indonesia Fans did distrubes the Malaysia Soccer team with Lasers
2. Malaysia Fans did it because they are dissapointed with the Malaysia Goal Keeper because of the Goal.

Anyway my opinion towards Malaysia doesnt change.. if Indonesia did it then my opinion also applied to Indonesia
1a. The Laser Beam is disturbing the Indonesian team, which I think Malaysian's Football Fans shouldn't do that.
1b. The Laser Beam is disturbing the Malaysian team, which I think Indonesia's Football Fans shouldn't do that.

2. Victory is Victory.

3a. Poor management and issue handling from Malaysia side
3b. Indonesia should take precaution and be aware of this kind of incident. 

4. I hope that Malaysia and Indonesia can do something regarding their fans. 

If you have any info regarding this please feel free to leave comments. 

5. Ban Laser equipment in Soccer Matches... before the whole world using this Laser War Method....
  1. "Victory is Victory. The Laser Beam is disturbing the Indonesian team, which I think Malaysian's Football Fans shouldn't do that." Just let the laser being a big part.
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