02 February 2011

Chris Medina - Break Even and his story

"what kind of guy would i be if i walked out when she needed me the most" - Chris Medina

One thing that we can admire other than his great talent for music is that he is dedication and commitment towards his girlfriend.

taken from rightcelebrity.com
two years ago Chris Medina’s girlfriend became his fiance when he popped the question at Starbucks where she worked. Unfortunately in October of 2009 Juliana Ramos was driving home from work, at about 3:30 am. Her car was struck leaving her almost paralyzed and severely brain damaged. The wedding was placed on hold, due to her health and the rising medical costs.
Now the man who has stood by his fiance’s side for so long has decided to give the American Idol auditions a go. We are already told that his voice was great and that his presence in the judges room was very emotional, especially for new judge Steven Tyler. Spoiler alerts also say that he makes it through to the next round, but we will have to wait and find out for sure!

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