21 January 2011

Free Delivery for McDonald's Singapore

For the sake of the food lover ... if you are not aware about this... 

then it's time for you to know ... obviously ..

I just can't resist the french fries and filet-o-fish from the McDonald ... 

I even don't care about the half slice of cheese that they put inside my burger .... this is an old story but McDonald claimed that since beginning it's only half slice of cheese ... which I don't believe.. (and from the picture above doesn't look like it's a 1/2 slice of cheese) 

So how to get a free delivery from McDonald's Singapore? 

Simply pay by the Mcdelivery with UOB Visa / Master Card  Credit/Debit Card. Minimum purchased $22 and valid till December 2011. 

Enjoy the junk food. ... click here to order McDonald's delivery 

Oh and I hope that they pay me with 3/4 Fillet-o-Fish per month for the free publication :) 

McDonald, Hello? 

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