15 January 2011

Maximize Your Leave Singapore 2011

2010 Singapore Holiday is over, the good news is that we will have new holidays in Singapore for 2011. the next question how to maximize your leave and holiday so that you can get the best ...

And the best think is that you can get 43 Days off !!!!

Read further on how to maximise your leave in Singapore for the year 2011

Just a tip, arrange your leave in advance, book first so that you will not be the person that need to stay in the office because everyone else have book their leave. and look no further how to maximize / maximise your leave in 2011 including the Singapore public holiday 2011.
So here is a tiny version taken from strait times how to maximize 2011 leaves in Singapore. 
2 weeks' leave + 11 PHs = 43 days off
blue is the leave that you should take ... 
red is the public holiday
yellow is the weekend

  1. Just the thing to start off my 2011 with a smile! Thanks a bunch!! ;P

  2. your welcome! have a great year...


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