07 February 2011

Facebook is like a Jail

Facebook is like a jail, You sit around, waste time, have a profile picture, write on walls and get pocked by guys you don't really know. 

Well I think it's quite true unless we are the one who master it. For some people Facebook is their lifestyle. You wake up the first thing that you do is turning up your computer and post on your wall "Man what a Bad dream" well nothing wrong with that certainly and only you (if you're honest to yourself) whether facebook is your prison. 

If the answer of this question "Is Facebook your prison?" is No, Congratulation. But don't be to happy. Why? Cause you have another "thing" as your jail. It can be games, it can be your laziness, it can be drug (ouch i hope not), it can be your bad habit, or even your moodiness.  

In our life anything that "too much" or "too little" sometimes become our jail, we are controled by that thing... our response based on the jail, our master, we are being controlled. 

it's not east to break from our jail, but the understanding and enlightenment that you are in the jail, that you have something that hold against you, that restrict you is the beginning of the break trough.

So realize  what's your jail, what kind of jail are you in right now, what's something that crippled you to live a life to the fullest, identify it and start to gather your courage to break trough the prison. 

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