08 March 2011

Burger King Singapore almost free $1 Tendergrill Chicken Burger 10 march 2011

After McDonald Singapore fierce marketing strategy offering one on one their new chicken  tempayaki burger. the King .. the Burger King also do not want to lose out, at almost free .. in my opinion it's almost free.. just a dollar for a chicken burger even cheaper than q bread ... which they are selling chicken burger (with half fried chicken meat) at $1.4. 

So what you are waiting for don't forget to buy the Tender Grill Chicken Burger from Burger King Singapore. 

Save the earth! to enjoy this $1 chicken tender grill burger from burger king just simply download the brochure below and flash it on the counter (remember the date it's on 10th March 2011, after 11 AM)

Enjoy the burger .. thanks Burger King and thanks to McDonald (without McDonald, there will be no $1 TenderGrill Chicken Burger from Burger King Singapore.

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