13 March 2011

Why Crocs is so expensive?

Do you know why Crocs is so expensive? 

Recently I bought a Crocs for my self, I think it's a good shoslip ... shoe + slipper, in the sense that I don't have to care about the weather ... raining, sunshine, storm, etc... it's simply versatile. 

I'll review this think after I'm back from my holiday.  

So do you know why Crocs is so expensive? 
Is it a life style? the brand? a good advertisement?  maybe the smell of the rubber .. hehe

Now it's you turn to let me know ... why Crocs is so expensive? please leave a comment and let's find the truth together :) 
  1. At the shop they said fake crocs are plastic and real crocs are made from natural things.

  2. why do you mean by natural thing? my Crocs seems to be made from plastic...

  3. it's all marketing, they are scammers, but the product is nice, so I guess it's to buy or not to buy...

  4. yeah you are correct, it's the branding that sells.


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