11 April 2011

Limitation brings creativity

We are not satisfied with what we have, this is a fact.

Our mind is programmed with the word "upgrade"

Take this example: your office is quite a far distance from your house. After a while you begin to complain about how far it is, hoe much time you've wasted, even what you can achieve more (probably extra hour of sleep or extra hour watching tv) if you stay nearer or get a car.

Another one: you've got a project to do a short movie. You are a nice guy and don't want to use pirated stuff, you start to give feedback (read: complain) about why you can do more if you have a better camera, a better video editing software, etc

But the truth is that we easily distracted on those thing "what can I do if I have more" instead we must focus on "what we can do with our limited resource"

We must learn on how to improve things with what we currently have.

If you think you are wasting too much time travelling, then find something that you can do while travelling. Write a blog while traveling (is what I do right now), read a book to improve your personal being.

Don't limit yourself based on your resource.

If you can't get the same effect for video editing unless you have a better software then find a work around to deliver the same message with a different effect but the same impact.

If you try to soar above your limitation, you creativity will increase as well. Your limitation is not a draw back but it's a venue for you to learn and produce creativity.

Of course sometimes you cannot help it but you need to upgrade because you have exhausted all the options within the limitation. But until then, dont give up to find a way.

And keep this in mind

Limitation brings creativity.

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