08 April 2011

Want to Buy Himalayan Dwarf Rabbits in Singapore for this Easter?

Easter is coming. 

I'm not sure why rabbit and egg are assosiated with easter. 

Anyway talking about rabbit why don't you buy lil' Rabbit for this easter?  

And the Himalayan Dwarf Rabbits name for these bunnies is quite cool ... imagine you friend ask
 "do you have pet?" 
"yeah it's a himalayan Dwarft Rabbit" 
maybe you'll get funny questions like: 

can the himalayan Drawf Rabbits leave in Singapore.. it's hot over here! 

So if you are looking where to buy cute Himalayan Dwarf Rabbits in Singapore you can contact my friend. 

There is not so much stock left so be hurry. they are all supper cute and healty and they grown up in a natural environment, where you can smell the grass :)

they are given with the best food as well as well

I've played with them... and really they are cute.. 
So if you are really interested having one... those little fluffy thing 

here is more information:

Himalayan Dwarf Rabbits

These bunnies are 6 weeks old and the parents are imported.
Ruby eyes : $150
Contact Us :
Email Himalyandwarf@gmail.com
The Himalayan dwarf rabbit is unique. Instead of the normal shaped body, it is the only breed to have a long, slender body that is best shown off when the rabbit is stretched out. One of the oldest breeds in the world, it is known by many names, including the Russian, the Chinese, The Black Nose and the Egyptian.

The Breeder is the only breeder that breeds pure Himalyan dwarf Rabbit, the Food that is provided are mainly Timothy Hay, Alfafa Hay, Fresh Vegetables, Dried Nutritious Food with Vitamins. 

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