09 May 2011


Who said that dreaming to become a superhero is a silly thing? 

Do you remember that you want to become power ranger? superman? batman? green lantern? thor? spiderman? eer how about cat woman anyone? 

anyway who said that dreaming to become a superhero is a silly thing? it teaches you about courage, how to overcome your hurdle, how to keep strong when you are weak. 

but often or not we don't bring that value when we grow up, we tend to look at the glory it self, the power that one can gained, how people will envy you. 

And after we are an adult, we think that superhero is childish while in our subconscious we strive to become our superhero in our own manifestation. 

we want to become a superhero in our workplace, we want to be the number one whatever it takes, we are trying to impress our boss, our colleagues and show that we have talent on something. 

We want to become superhero among our friend, we feel good when people look up unto us, when they envy us. You are leaning towards the glory itself, you hungry of acknowledgment from your peers, you hate when people do well in their life, you feel envy when your friend achieve something, you willingly sacrificing somebody in order for you to achieve want you want. 

Go and watch your favorite superhero movie... learn about about what made them strong, learn about winning is not everything, learn about failure, learn about power is not everything, learn about that the people closest to you can hurt you, learn about how overcome your failure, learn about integrity, learn about responsibility. see beyond their super power... see their character. 

I believe that what makes them strong is not solely the super power that they have but its their character that makes the difference. character that knows failure is just a stepping stone towards the success, character that celebrating with others when they achieve something, character that help people not destroy them. 

Superhero with the super power minus the character is the Villain. Dont be the villain in your work place, among your friends, in your family. 

"No man can climb out beyond the limitations of his own character." - John Lord Morley

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