20 June 2011

Buy a Cheap Books from Online Shop with Free Delivery

If you are looking for a cheap online book shop in Singapore that provide a free delivery you can go to this online book shop called Book Depository. it a UK Based company.

I have not personally try this book depository with free delivery, the online shop located at UK, but who can beat the free delivery option? :)

What you need to know before putting an order from online shop:

1. Free Book delivery = it's will be slower compared to buy book @times or kinokuniya, from the website it will take 7-10 days for delivery.

2. You may get your book damaged or lost.

3. It's not trackable, except you have a high order value.

there is a comprehensive FAQS from the Book Depository, you can read it here.

don't forget to do this following points before you start ordering online.

1. know you price, know how much does the book cost localy, sometimes it can be cheaper localy in Singapore

2. Compare it with Amazon.com, the amazon.com often offer a good discount for books and when you add the price + the delivery fee, sometimes it's even cheaper on Amazon compared to the bookdepository.

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