15 June 2011

Using Twitter as your Personal Online Diary

After you read why writing diary is important, the next question: how to do it? 

well you can go with the traditional way using a book and pen. But we are living in the internet age, so why don't we use that to our advantage. 

Twitter, you all know about it ... it's almost integrated everywhere web browser, iPhone, Android, windows 7, iPad, Blackberry, etc... because it's available everywhere and practical it's a good tool for our diary. Compared to facebook? feel free to use it if you don't mind that all your friends will know every single move your make and your private things, which I don't think it's a good idea, you will not be free expressing what's on your mind and don't give free information to your kidnapper... 

compared to the traditional way?  sometimes it's too troublesome to bring your diary everywhere and writing something on it can draw attention, not forgetting that there is no security feature ... anyone who found it can read it. and using twitter is dummy proof and easy, and it's even give you with an automatic time stamp for every post. ok one drawback is that you won't be able to write the long complain story in twitter. 

so how do we go about it? 

1. create a new twitter account, don't mix it with your existing twitter account. 
2. set the twitter to protected account. 

pretty simple go to your account settings and check the box next to the protect my tweets 

3. do not approve those who wants to follow you and do not follow anyone. 
4. test it out by accessing www.twitter.com/your username from different browser (or log out your current session) just to be sure that your twitter is protected 

start to write your diary in the twitter :) and don't forget to read it back from time to time. don't feel bad if you forget to write your diary, practice make perfect. 

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