22 June 2011

Web Interface for Instagram - webstagram

Anyone who are using instagram sooner or later will complain about the lack of the web interface in the internet.

Though the iPhone apps it's quite user friendly, the web interface is too user friendly with almost nothing inside there. 

Not to worry a web interface for instagram is here it's called webstagram. basically you need to login in into the instagram through the webstagram

just clikc here to go to webstagram 

Webstagram is the Best Instagram Web Viewer!
You can ....
View photos from the people you follow
Like, Unlike and Comment, Un-Comment on photos
Follow and Unfollow other users
See your followers and following
Browse popular photos / tags / users

First time, you see login form of Instagram. Please enter your username/password. 
On next page, please press 'YES' to access webstagram. 
Once you do so, you can use Webstagram just click login button on this page. 
If you want to login with another account, you need to delete the Cookie.

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