10 June 2011

What to do when you lost your wallet?

What to do when you lost your wallet?

I lost my wallet yesterday, a couple of lesson learnt and I'm sharing it with you, at least you will have some Standard procedure back on your mind when you lost your wallet (which I hope you will not). and thank God, someone found it and returned it to me.

When you realized that your wallet is lost:

1. Make sure you really lost your wallet! it's not funny you make calls to cancel your credit card and report it to the police but then you found your wallet inside your bag...

2. Don't panic, instead take a deep breath. you need to have a clear mind.

3. Trace backward quickly. trace where have you been backward in your mind, where you might have dropped it. it's it in the taxi? the train? Go back and take a look if possible and the place is not that far. alternative: you can call somebody that might be around in that area.

4. Report the lost, if you think you dropped it in the taxi call the taxi company, if it's in the train report it to the passanger service. the point is that get them to help you.

5. if there is still no news, then cancel your ATM, Debit/Credit Cards. you never know who pick up your wallet ... it can be a nice guy who will return everything to you or some bad guy who will not hesitate to use your credit card. we don't want to take a risk here!

6. start freezing from the most important. for me I'll cancel my ATM (combined with debit card) which is connected to my BANK account, followed by my other Debit Card and then the Credit cards. some bank allow you to block / freeze your ATM card / Debit card. often if you know that probably you left it in a secure place (friend's car, your house,etc) it's best not to cancel, just freeze it temporary. the Bank often will take advantages by telling you once you cancel you need to have a new card and you need to pay for it.

7. The next day if you still can't find it, it's better to report to the Police to cover your back, you'll never know what will happen to your ID or Credit card. Maybe someone will use it for loan shark ... so by having a police report you are covered that indeed you've lost your wallet with ID, credit card etc.

8. pray hard that someone will return it to you.

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