14 June 2011

Why writing a Diary is important

Because we often forget and we forget even more when we grow old. 

Could you tell me what happen on Tuesday last week? probably not. memory it's important part on our life,  and as much as we can try to preserve that, good if you can take the picture wherever you go so that the memory can be retained but writing diary is something that is practical. you can write your thought, what happen to your life "live" before you forget it.

it's good tool to actually record your life. small victory that happen in your life, all the small things in your life. your life become a novel :) who knows you can sell it after few years, ain't that cool?

It's a good way to express yourself especially if you are a person who difficult to let out what's inside of you. it will help you also reorganize your thought by writing it down.

the importance of writing diary doesn't stop there, you can use the Diary to improve yourself, you can analyze on how you response to things, your emotions, how you interact with circumstances and many more, often you'll surprise that it was you who write it. use the Diary as your bouncing board.

The biggest importance and benefit writing a diary in my opinion is that we are able to know ourself better. we will understand ourselves better, we will know what is important to us, what makes us frustrated, what makes us happy.  

write a diary and explore yourself :)

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