how to get a cheap and genuine Vibram five fingers shoes in Singapore

Interested with vibram five fingers shoes but you think the price is a bit expensive in Singapore? and you are looking how to get a ...

Interested with vibram five fingers shoes but you think the price is a bit expensive in Singapore?

and you are looking how to get a cheap vibram five fingers shoes in Singapore? 

the answer is that you wouldn't find it, it seems that the price across the store in Singapore for the vibram five fingers shoes is the same. So how much the price a pair of vibram five fingers? for the new model komodo and Bikila it will cost you S$199 and for KSO if not mistaken is around S$130-150 for vibram trek. And sometimes they will have a discount 10% for the Vibram five fingers shoes. and where to buy  or where I can get the vibram five fingers shoes in Singapore?

you can go to this place
1. Level 4, Takasimaya Department Store, Sport Department 
I forget where exactly is the place but if you go around, you should find it.
offer a great variety of the vibram five fingers shoe, there are so many display and almost all model available here, and if you are looking for injinji socks in Singapore, you can find at Taka as well. Helpful staff, she approach me and helped me to find the correct size

2. Red Wing Shoes, Suntec City Mall #02-070 
Phone number:  63370088
(just before carefour level 2, on the right side if you are)
If you have Suntec Voucher Coupon they will gladly accept it (but please confirm it first). there is one rack full of vibram top is the latest model and bottom is the KSO. The staff is helpful as well: measuring my feet, he let me try it and even I do some little jog in the store. the price is the same.

3. Heel & Toe, Tanglin Mall #02-36
Phone number: 62387353
Never went there before, but tried to call them. they said no discount price is the same as the rest of the store.

4. NEX Mall, Serangoon, Isetan level 3 Sports Department
Phone number: 63637777
Called them, same price for the vibram five fingers shoes.

I've heard that in iluma they also sell the vibram five fingers shoes but when I went there I can't find the shop (Artisan Exchange), they've closed.

Any I think it doesn't matter where you want to buy the five fingers shoes in Singapore, except you have a certain voucher like in Takasimaya or Isetan.

It's quite a step price if you compared to the US price, for bikila it's only cost $100 USD which equal to about S$130.

Don't jump over with happiness yet,  I think that the prices are acceptable if you factor in shipping fee from US to Singapore, except you have some friend / colleagues that will go to US soon.

but the good news is that I might have some solution for you. it's pretty simple order the vibram five fingers shoes from US and import it into Singapore. Didn't you just mention that the price will almost the same?

the key here is too look for a online store that offer a discount :)

Don't go to ebay or google simply type cheap vibram five fingers (actually you did it that's why you find this blog) because there is a lot of counterfeit or fake! I can get a fake vibram five fingers KSO trek priced at $35 including shipping fee to Singapore! btw don't bother me to ask this, I'm supporting the genuine five fingers shoes. you can click here to become an expert (it shows you how to spot a fake and the list of fake vibram five fingers shoes). to see a list of recommended store you can actually go an check at the vibram official website the store locator or go to this page.

I've shortlisted some stores that you can consider and it was a really time consuming for me to shortlist this, I went to many online shop, compared price, try to find a discount coupon, etc and I hope that what i've been through you don't have to, that's why I'm writing this post the first place :D

Don't bother the list of the shop that i've given you. either they do not ship to Singapore or the shipping fee it's just to expensive. I've got quotation of USD 55 to ship it over to Singapore.

So our plan is to ship from borderlinx or comgateway. what is that? basically you can shop online from Singapore even though they don't ship to Singapore directly. once you are registered, you will given a us address so when you order a stuff, it will be sent to your US address and then they will sent the stuff to Singapore
online shops -> Borderlinx (US Adress) ->Singapore

before you go and order, do you know your size ? for tips and some guidance you can go here tips and guides to buy your first vibram five fingers shoes.

1. Go and find your vibram five fingers shoes online 
1a. Mountain High outfitter 
They are currently offering 30% off for the Bikila Vibram five fingers shoes!!!
I was reluctant at first to buy from this online store, first their website kind of outdated. second their inquiry mail system is broken (tried to send email to the customer service but failed!) anyway I didn't gave up and accidentally find that their live chat is alive.

I was asking for an extra discount :p from them, at least a free upgrade of the shipping but then she said that with the free ground shipping it will only take 2 days to arrive at borderlinx

1b Rockcreek
Rockcreek offers a free injinji socks with every purchase of vibram five fingers shoes (cost $12 for the socks) but I'll recommend you take the 15% discount instead. how to get the voucher discount from rockcreek? just simply be a subscriber of their newsletter or become a member, they will send you a welcome newsletter with the 15% code (the code is welcome443)

Mountain high outfitter selling the bikila vibram five fingers for US$70 and Rockcreek US$90, with the injinji socks = US$78 with the 15% discount = about US$76. so it cannot beat the mountain high outfitter price but if you are worried about the realibilty of the shop you can order from rockcreek instead, what's $6 compare to a peace of mind?

but for me I choose for mountain high outfitter (i've checked their FB site and chat with their staff) because of the price and nearer shipping center to borderlinx.

2. Choose either Borderlinx or Comgateway
Depends... on which one offer you the best discount. caution! the weight of the box is 2.99kg and it will cost you around S$37 so you need to find which one offer you the best deal of coupon. for comgteway you can click here for the promotion for borderlinx here. currently comgateway offering USD10 off or 15% for first time and borderlinx offering 25% rebate.  tips: speak to their officer through live chat to ask for the coupon code / promotion. Do not put autoship in the option to send your stuff. Click here for more tips and tricks on how to use either Borderlinx or Comgateway (Coming soon)

but even you need to pay for S$30 after discount + the shoes price is way cheaper than the price in Singapore you save about S$80 at least for the Bilika.

of course not forget to compared with local price, a KSO could cost about US$75 if you add shipping it can cost you about S$130 -140, which in my opinion just buy it in Singapore don't go through the hassle.

How long does it takes for your vibram five fingers shoes arrive in Singapore? at least few days. be patient. I ordered on Tuesday from Mountain High outfitter arrived on thursday to my us address (borderlinx) and then borderlinx shipped it to my Singapore address and arrived on Monday noon. Actually it's really depends on your timing.

some advantages and disadvantages buying your vibram five fingers online:
one plus point that can beat all the negative

the drawback
-Shipping time
-the hassle: need to send to borderlinx / comgateway
-can't see the shoes directly, can't inspect for defect (even though you can return the shoes but the shipping fee back to US in on your own)

and make sure that you are buying the correct size!

What a long post ... anyway I hope that this post helps you to get your dream shoes :)

tips and guides buying your first vibram five fingers shoes

if you have any tips or any good online shops (genuine) please let us know by writing in the comments


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