22 July 2011

My first run with Vibram five finger shoes

the reason why I changed my shoes is because my Mizuno running shoes is wearing off it's still usable but I think it can't last for another 200km. and then I was ready to ditch my old friend and just run barefooted.

I just love the feeling when my foot touch the ground directly, I love the feel of the ground: which many people wouldn't understand. and I believe that we should run naturally. 

I told my girlfriend about this and she object... and one day upon looking for a casual shoes we found a shop  called vivobarefoot in Singapore and somehow it reminded me about the vibram five finger shoes.  

Indirectly this barefoot running thing answer to my question about knee pain and running injury, even though there is no evidence that it will reduce injury but I believe it will because that's how we suppose to run. After some research on barefoot running -  a great article by Christopher and video from Dr. Daniel Lieberman, I think I found my answer that we should have running barefoot since the beginning.  

And for the shoes I've decided on the Bilika Vibram fivefinger shoes, this shoes have a ticker sole for protection especially made for running. I've consider about the KSO but worry about the endurance of the shoes you can see it from this link (Bikila vs KSO endurance - long term review) what will happen to your vibram five fingers after a while and how long does those vibram five finger shoes will last.

here are some pictures and some review for the bikila vibram five fingers

the bottom part look sturdy, hope that the green and grey rubber won't come off easily. 
I like the extra protection, but I don't like it at the same time because there will be less ground feedback.  and it is cool ... imagine you are using an alien technology hehe

it's offer an extra protection on the the top. I think it's called TPU Protection, it will protect the instant hole that created when there is a friction between the top toe and the ground (I've heard that some of the user have this nasty experience with the older version of the five fingers). Btw I'm not sure why there is some kind of texture on my vibram, I don't think it's fake. 

it can flex pretty well, what is the sock that you are using? I just use a normal five fingers socks that I bought locally which somehow fit, I think because I ordered my five fingers bikila one size bigger than it suppose to be. 

 if you notice actually this bikila is a woman version w39, it's fit nicely for my small feet. and it's flex pretty well, I tried w38 but I felt it's too small.

ok when I'm running,it's just feel weird ... when I started to jog with the Bikila, I'm not sure whether I land with my heel or my midfoot or my front foot. 

I tried to do it naturally, the most comfortable stride. In the end Im still confused on how should I step. 

when I tried to use my front foot (felt like I'm doing some kind of strange ballet move...) I felt uncomfortable and my knee (my Iliotibial Band) started to be painful, so end up I ran with the most comfortable step which in my opinion I was using my mid foot - heel  to step. 

but one thing for sure, it does make a difference running with this shoes. I finished 5.73 Km in 41 minutes (not about the timing but the distance) actually I was planning to run for 3Km max for the transition from normal shoes to barefoot shoes but end up almost twice the distance :)  

the experience certainly was great, I have less pain on my knee and more pain in my achilles after the run :p I felt that I can run in a longer distance (maybe somehow running barefooted is more efficient than running with cushionc shoes)

the only complain that I've so far is the ground feedback, I was hoping for a greater feel of the ground. it seems that the protection trade off is too much. maybe I'll try the KSO after this. 

I will come out with another review after one or two months, and I will tell you by then should human run barefoot or with cushion shoes ;)

here is the summary the good think about Bikila Five Fingers shoes
+ Flexible compared to normal shoes
+ it's very light
+ the top toe protection (TPU Protection)
+ the extra protection Dri-Lex® covered 3mm polyurethane insole (thickest under the ball of the foot) and a 4mm anatomical pod outsole design that offers more plating for underfoot protection
+it will last longer than the KSO

the not so good think about this shoes
- less ground feel and feedback
- a bit expensive
- only have one strap to secure. I prefer with two straps like in komodo

check this out if you want to buy a cheap and genuine vibram five fingers shoes

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