18 July 2011

practical ways to exercise and train your brain

our brain is like a muscle, we need to train in to maximize our brain. we don't want our brain running under performance we want to increase our brain's performance.

let me share you some simple practical ways to stimulate our brain so you will have a muscular brain.

1. Find a new hobby.
simple, learning a new hobby is good for your brain, learning something new will stimulate your brain.

2. do things differently.
our brain has an autopilot in it. when we get used to some pattern or environment our autopilot will kick in, meaning that after we get use to certain thing we don't have to think anymore to do the thing that we normally do. so try to use a different way to do the same thing to make our brain learn.

-use a different route on the way home
-use your left hand to write and brush your teeth
-try to be a blind man during your shower session

3. visit a new place every week.
you will be amazed on how your brain will feel refresh after visiting a new place that you've never been before.

4. Play games.
play games like chess or word games.

5. Do some exercise.
your brain need blood and oxygen, to deliver that to your brain you need a good heart and good circulation. so do some exercise on your body, it will indirectly help your brain to get stronger.

ps: I purposely put the image on the right side compare to my normal post :) implementing point no 2. and it will be beneficial for you too :D

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