19 July 2011

Simple and Practical exercise and treatment for Iliotibial band syndrome

Like I have mention about my experience about ITBL (Iliotibial band syndrome) I did some exercise and self treatment that really help me in order to prepare for the run. 

I'm no expert on this, so it's better that you go and find an expert on this field. 

Every night I did couple of exercise: 

It was very helpful, I can feel that my knee getting better and better everyday. but it's just not enough for the race in 2 weeks time.

so in the end I still did my run with my IT band still hurting at that time.

after about 1 months doing this every night especially the stretching (time: 2:00 in the first video) I felt better and my IT band pain gone.

when I run, I can still feel a slight pain on my IT band on the knee after for a while.

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