19 July 2011

tips on running in a race with knee pain injury ITB

I ran 12Km race with my IT band injury.
you can also read my story about the experience of the IT band injury over here

but I think it will be applicable for those running with knee pain / any other pain but this is especially for ITB (Iliotibial band syndrome). 

Follow my tips and please be reminded that I will not take any responsibility should something happen to you okay. 

Cancel your run. maybe I think I'm blessed that now my ITB is healed now (90%). So please do take some consideration to cancel your run if your injury too serious or you run more than 12Km. and always ask for an advice from a good doctor. 

your goal is not about the timing any more, instead it's about finishing the race. so manage your expectation

know your limit. do a trial run few days before and see what's your limit. when I suffered from the IT band on my knee, I can ran only max 2km after that the pain was unbearable. promise yourself also on that day if you know that the pain is too much, stop the race. 

Planning is crucial on how you are going run. for me I use run keeper to keep track so I know when I need to run and when I need to stop. so my plan was slow walk for 4 minutes after 1Km of run. my pain started when I hit 1.5Km so I take the safe zone: 1Km. 

And so I did it. I ran for 1 Km, walked for 4 minutes as a break, ran again another 1Km, 4 minutes walk till I reach the finish line 12Km. it was a hell on the 8Km mark onwards. my IT band hurt quite bad, I've decided to run slower to finish the race. 

after the run, I need to take break for 1.5 month before I started to run again. 

purchase some knee guard / ankle guard depends on your injury. It will help you to protect those injury a little bit. 

Stick on your plan when you race, you know because of the adrenaline on the day you will feel stronger ... it seems that your pain on your knee vanished. but actually it's not. so stick on the plan, when you need to take break based on the plan do it, don't run even you think that you are still able to. 

stick on plan even though you are tempted to run even faster when people started to bypass you ... keep in mind that you are injured and the goal is to finish the run not to over run everyone in the race. 

don't use those muscle gel like salonpas, counterpain before the run. it's certainly make you better but it's because it's a pain relief. you won't be able to judge correctly when you use those before the run. you can use that after you arrive at home to rest. 

Bring a handphone, just in case when you fell down and nobody bother to help you. 

prepared a lot of ice pack at the finish line, you need those ice pack to compress your knee. 

rest, rest, rest .. depends on your injury you need to take a real serious rest after the run and few weeks to come. 

I finished 12Km with an IT band pain on my knee, my time was 1:36:09 for 12Km. 

hope that this post help some of you out there, if you have any question just leave a comment, I'll try to answer it as soon as possible. 

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