10 July 2011

Why People cut their Dog's tail

I was wondering when I see a dog, why people cut their dog's tail ... have you ever wonder about that?

the cutting of the dog's tail is actually called docking for the removal of tail, while cropping is used in reference for the ear. 

Historically, the dog's tail was removed to prevents rabies, strengthen the back, increase the speed and prevent injuries when ratting, fighting and baiting. 

In modern time it's more fo prophylactic (prevent disease), therapeutic (remedy of health problem), cosmetic purposes. And maybe hygiene purposes as well, imagine the dog's tail can collect the feces and dirt and become a health problem. 

Robert Wansborough said that docking tails puts dogs at a disadvantage: 
Dog use tail in conveying their emotion, thus the removal make them handicap in conveying their emotion. Body balance problem. Also they grew up to be more anti-social and thus more agressive. 

if you want to know more about the history you can go to wikipedia

So what do you think about docking? is this consider animal cruelty like cropping their ears?

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