03 September 2011

how to go to Zeil - Frankfurt from Mainz

if you are not used to it, it can be very confusing taking train in Germany from one place to another place. 

if you are wondering what is Zeil, here some explanation: 
Whatever customers are looking for, they will most likely find it on Frankfurt’s most popular shopping mile, the ‘Zeil’. This is not only where the most well-known department store chains are to be found, but also where a host of specialised shops offer an extensive range of goods. No wonder then that the ‘Zeil’ is one of the streets with the highest turnover in Europe. - frankfurt.de

FYI longchamp having a discount on January and July, call the store in Zeil before you arrange your travel to know the timing. 

so if happen that you need direction to go to Zeil, Frankfurt Germany here is a simple guide. 

0. always print out your destination map, so that you can ask around. not all people over there can speak english, so a printed out map will be very helpful. Please bring your passport for tax refund. 

at mainz 
1. go to the Mainz main train station (Mainz Hbf) 
2. you can go to the information counter if you are not sure which train to take. 
3. in the ticketing machine you can change the language to English by selecting the icon on the bottom
4. choose all day ticket (I've tried to choose single way ticket to frankfurt it cost me 7.3 Euro while all day ticket only cost me 14.6 Euro) 
5. look at the schedule choose the right track and destination, choose the one with Frankfurt (main) Hbf don't mistaken with Frankfurt airport, Frankfurt main HBF is after Frankfurt airport stop. 
6. after you know the track number just wait at the platform, you will see another monitor on the platform and you can confirm it. 
7. when the train come, just board the train. to open the door normally there is a handle / button to open it. 

on the journey
8. enjoy the scenery. 
9. you will go trough stations from Mainz to Frankfurt, even after you reach frankfurt airport station you will go through 3-4 stations (Frankfurt stadium, etc) before arriving at the Frankfurt main Hbf. 
10. Sometimes there will be a random check, just show your ticket to the person and you'll be fine. 

at Frankfurt Main Hbf. 
11. you don't have to buy the ticket to Zeil, cause you already have your one day pass. 
12. go down to the connecting train that go to stations around frankfurt.
13. look for platform S101 or S102, both are going to different direction but it will pass zeil (hauptwache station) 
14. You need to alight at Hauptwache Station (two stops from frankfurt main hbf) 
15. there will be a LED display that telling you the next stop, so don't worry if you have difficulties hearing it. 

at Hauptwache Station.
16. just go up and you will see the direction of the zeil, anyway i think whichever why that you take it will lead you to Zeil. 
17. if you are looking for toilet, you can enter one of the cafe in zeil and just use it.  It's very difficult to find the toilet even I do not manage to find it in the station .... 
18. don't forget to ask for tax refund during your shopping.  

okay I'm sure that you are able to find you're way back :) be more adventures without the guide. 

I admit this is not a perfect guide, but I manage to go there. so let me know if there is any missing / incorrect information, leave a comment :) 

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