14 October 2011

iOS 5: iPhone 3GS, 4, 4S where is my iMessage?

I'm not sure whether I was blind but I was confuse, trying to look for the iMessage. 

I've installed the iOS 5 and my next question Where is my iMessage on my iPhone? 

So if you can't find your iMessage in your iPhone after you've upgraded to iOS5 in your iPhone 3GS or iPhone 4 or iPhone 4S don't worry, it's there and integrated nicely with the old Message. 

So how do I send out an iMessage to other iPhone user? it will be done automatically as long as the other user have the iMessage

go to your message and select one user. if the other user have an iPhone with iOS 5 installed you will see that the text box change to "iMessage" and the send button will turn Blue. any text message sent through iMessage it will indicated as a blue bubbles. 

If the user do not have any iMessage / iOS 5, you will see the normal message box indicated as "text message" and a green send button, the normal sms will also indicated by a green bubble

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