23 October 2011

iPhone 4S Singapore Price List M1

What happen to Singtel? where is my iPhone 4S singapore price list ? I do hope that M1 offering a $100 rebate for jumping the ship :D 

anyway here is the price list for M1 iPhone 4S in Singapore: 
M1 Shop Paragon
Be the first to own iPhone 4S at our midnight launch event at M1 Shop Paragon on 28 October 2011.

Selected M1 Shops & Exclusive Distributors
These M1 Shops and Exclusive Distributors will open on 28 October at 7am.

click here to access the full version of iPhone 4S price list for M1

click here for the iphone 4S price in Singapore Apple Store

click here for iPhone 4S price list in Singapore for M1 customer
click here for iPhone 4S pirce list in Singapore for Starhub customer
click here for iPhone 4S price list comparison between Singtel Starhub and M1

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