31 December 2011

Last Train & Bus Service SMRT 2011 New Year 2012

Ready for the count down in Singapore? don't miss the last MRT train for this New year 2011 2012.

Plan ahead, you don't want to miss the train tomorrow morning! otherwise you need to cash out quite some  money for the fare .. you know +50% for this +50% for that ++++ etc that's provided you manage to get one -_-" by then you will be busy with your phone calling waiting for the operator to answer your call. 

The hot spot for the last MRT Train service for this 1st January 2012 will be from Marina Bay MRT Station, Orchard MRT Station, Raffles MRT Station, City Hall MRT Station. the thumb rule: Be there between 01:00 AM (to avoid human traffic) - 1:30 AM you will be safe with connecting MRT Service to the other line if required

Anyway, the last MRT Train service for 1st January 2012:

you can also see it directly from here including last SMRT bus (SMRT extends train and bus service operation hours on New Year's Eve 2012)

So don't miss the last MRT train on this New Year 2012 ! 

Have a wonderful celebration and HAPPY NEW YEAR 2012

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