06 January 2012

DBS POSB Singapore ATM Withdrawal Fraud

If you are a DBS / POSB customer in Singapore you better check your Bank account history... Now!

SINGAPORE: DBS Bank on Friday said it has found 400 cases of unauthorised withdrawals from the accounts of its customers.

And it expects to pay out half a million dollars in compensation - by the end of Friday.

The bank said it has identified two ATM machines at Bugis that were compromised.

It narrowed down the affected dates to three days in late November and has contacted 2,700 customers who used the two ATM machines on those dates.

DBS said initial investigations found no skimming devices at the two ATMs.

But checks with the victims indicated the machines were the common denominator.

The bank said the situation is contained. - CNA

Here is one of the customer that encounter this problem and post it in the facebook, I removed the name from the picture, just in case .. I dont want someone use her name and information to con her... but if you read this post and want to be acknowledge then let me know :) 

if you happen to suspect the transaction in your bank account 
contact the bank immediately on 1800-220-1111 or at any DBS or POSB branch.

POSB Withdrawal Fraud! 

Just came back from the bank to realize that my account has been hacked into. There has been 4 transactions made from overseas ATM machines with withdrawals up to $2000 over a 2 day period!! & my ATM card is here with me in my wallet! 
The POSb branch Manager has confirmed that there has been more then one of such cases reported since yesterday! 
& I have no internet banking nor paypal accounts! 
Am pending the investigations now.. 
Please check your accounts or update your bankbook my dear friends!

Here is the from the news todayonline

Singapore - In what is believed to be the largest case of its kind to hit any bank in Singapore, around 200 customers here have lost about S$200,000 in fraudulent withdrawals from their DBS and POSB accounts.

DBS said last night it was investigating the unauthorised withdrawals which were made in Malaysia. The average amount withdrawn was about S$1,000 per account, it said. However, the bank assured all customers that it would compensate them in full for any unauthorised transaction within 24 hours.

As news of the fraudulent withdrawals spread yesterday, thousands of DBS customers around the island logged on to the bank's Internet banking website to check their balances. Because of the sudden spike in traffic and the number of users - many could not log onto the website. 

The saga began on Wednesday. 

Mr Jeremy Soo, managing director and head of consumer banking group in Singapore for DBS bank said that "some customers" informed the bank on Wednesday of "unauthorised withdrawals made in Malaysia" through their DBS and POSB debit and ATM cards. The bank immediately deactivated the compromised cards.

By Thursday morning, isolated cases were circulating on various social media. 

Among those affected were student Lisa Nguyen and her boyfriend Dennis Vo. Ms Nguyen had checked her DBS bank account on Wednesday night and discovered three withdrawals of about RM1,500 (S$615) each. Three instances of transaction fees for the withdrawal of money overseas had also been charged. All this while, however, the 25-year-old was in Singapore, with her ATM card on hand. Mr Vo's account also saw about RM500 missing. That night, the couple lodged police reports - only to discover about 10 others in a similar predicament.

At about 6.45pm yesterday, DBS issued its first statement to the media, saying that investigations were underway. 

Mr Soo said: "We are treating this matter with utmost priority and would like to assure customers that they will be fully compensated, for any unauthorised withdrawals, within 24 hours. 

"We will also issue replacement ATM/debit cards on the spot at any DBS/POSB branch ... We will also be alerting customers should we detect any unusual activity on their accounts." 

DBS is now validating all ATM and debit card transactions made in Malaysia over the past few days. Customers who believe their ATM or debit cards to have been compromised, are advised to contact the bank immediately on 1800-220-1111 or at any DBS or POSB branch.

Yesterday, a police spokesman said "several reports" have been made and that the Commercial Affairs Department is investigating the matter. 

"Bank account holders may wish to check their bank account and if they believe unauthorised withdrawals had been made, they are advised to lodge a police report," the spokesman said. "The report should include the date, amount, location and transaction description for each unauthorised withdrawal."

Cases involving unauthorised withdrawals involving ATM cards appear rare here. In 2009, an international crime syndicate of nine Romanians made 27 unauthorised withdrawals amounting to S$5,400 here before they were caught. The last major reported case was in 1995 when three people were arrested for making more than 100 unauthorised withdrawals after stealing credit cards and ATM cards 170 people from their vehicles.

Notified by DBS of the cases, the Monetary Authority of Singapore has advised all ATM card users to exercise caution and responsibility when handling their ATM cards, keeping them safely at all times and protected from theft or misappropriation.

Yesterday, two affected DBS customers told today that the bank has contacted to ask if they were in singapore at the time of the unauthorised transactions, and which ATMs they use here. Despite being told that he would be reimbursed if he was not at fault, a victim, 22-year-old national serviceman who found S$930 withdrawn in two transactions said he remains "quite concerned".

This going to be a long post ... another forumer (tester72) in hardwarezone also encounter this issue

Dear forumer, 

Just to share with you guys a recent incident. I know my case here may seem similiar to some of thread here but mine was actually a physical withdrawal.

Yesterday evening (1/2/2012) while i was making my payment with DBS Taka Debit Card, the transaction didnt go through, the cashier tried 2 times with debit charge and once with NETs. So my friend pay for me first using his card.

I quickily log in to i-banking mobile and to my horror. 
My card statement shows that with 2 withdrawal was made on 1/2/2012 , amounting to over 650++ , including 2 processing fee of $5 each.

I quickily called up DBS and report it. The CSO terminate my card immediately and ask me if i lost my card before etc.. I ask what exactly is this transaction and why werent there able to stop the payment. The reply was it was a withdrawal at ATM machines in Malaysia. Thats why there is $5 processing fee. 

i asked if i will be getting back my $ since i found it early, probably less than a day. The CSO says no guarantee and that i might not get back my money since it was already withdrawn. and advice me to make a police report too.

I went to police post and lodge a report. 
I haven never lost my card before in my whole life and i have never been to malaysia in my whole life too. So im really shocked why my card details was easily skimmed? and its a withdrawal from ATM some more!! no one have my pin not even my family or gf. 

I do make online purchase, so if maybe i have viruses in my com or what i can understand , but no.. its not online purchase. Its a physical withdrawal.. how can it be? the person needs my card and pin to access while the card is with me all along. I find it really hard to believe given singapore's standing in their so called advance technology that prevent skimming and cameras all over. The thought of how the heck did those people install devices on ATM machines without being caught by the CCTV cameras etc??? 

I hope it was a wrong withdrawal and that my hard earn money will be recover back asap. Right now i totally have no confident in DBS and i dont even feel like using that account anymore at thoughts that my card details is already with some fraud syndicate trying their luck to withdraw money from my account.

This is what was shown on my transaction record. 

The criminal(s) might have access on this forums.. who knows right?
To the criminal: You better own up to get a lighter sentence, not worth doing such stupid thing , you can run.. yes.. for how long.. you decide.. go google it.. cases in 2010 reported.. that fellow get 9 years jail sentence.. carry on your vice if you want to break the record..

Anyone encounter such situation? please share and please be extra careful and aware of your account transaction..

1/5 - Received call from DBS compliance dept following up on my case today during lunch time. The Caller asked a series of questions such as did i went malaysia before etc.. whether i made any replacement card before etc... called told me that if its indeed a fraud they will reimburse all the amount and that i would received a call if they are going to reimburse. I think this was before DBS made the official statement. 

Places where i used my compromised card, physically, for the past 3 months:
Bras Basah MRT ATM
West Mall - beside M1 shop
Bukit Batok MRT - beside gong cha
Chinatown MRT inside, beside 7-11
Jurong Point Golden Village AXS machine
Boon lay MRT - Left and right side on
Pioneer Mall level 2
Courts at Boon Lay
Dhoby Ghuat MRT ezlink top up machine (purple color one)
Boon lay Interchange EzLink top up machine (purple color one)
Science Park CinTech ATM

*Those who used yr card at the above mentioned places. please take note*

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