01 January 2012

How to be successful in your new year resolutions / goals

The first thing that you need to have are the motivations / reason or why you are fighting for it + a little persistence. 

without it you'll just going to fail like last year. the motivation / reason will keep you going on when things get tough. 

e.g I want to reduce my weight by 3 kg
reasons: I want to be healthier, I want to look better.  

the second thing, keep reminder. Set it to remind you every month at least.  We are forgetful being, we set goals or resolutions today and the next week we have forgotten about it and in December 2012 you'll think hard to remember your goals / resolutions. 

the third thing, visually keep track your progress and reward yourself. Keep track so you know that you have progress, even it's just a small progress you can be happy about it.  Give yourself a small reward on progress or accomplishment on your goals / resolutions. put it in the toilet or in the ceiling or anywhere ... Make it fun folks!  

So have you found your reasons to fight ? the best motivation is, that you accomplish something at the end of 2012. You wouldn't want to be the same person as 2011, would you? how sad is that if it's a "yes". 

If you need some tips on setting goals / resolutions for new year you can read it here: 

See you at the end of 2012 with the good news (tell me that you've managed to get at least 1 goal / resolution done)

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