04 January 2012

How to Maximize Your Leave or Holiday in 2012 - Singapore

If you are struggling because the holiday is over (even though Chinese New Year is just around the corner) hope that this little guide on how to maximize / maximise your Singapore holiday / leave 2012 can give you a little bit of something to look forward. 

So it's time to plan for your holiday in Singapore 2012 and maximize it :) 
for 12 Days of leave you will get 39 days of rest, but you must play your pawn wisely in order to maximize your leave and holiday in 2012. 

Probably the longest maximized leave that you can take starting on 9 August 2012 (national day) till Hari Raya Aidilfitri on 20 August 2012. To maximize your 2012 leave or holiday in Singapore during this time, take 6 days leave and you'll get 12 days of rest :D 

Happy Planning via [straitstimes.com]

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