01 January 2012

Post problem in the Facebook Timeline 2012

I'm just wondering since this morning, what is happening with the Facebook Timeline. Don't tell me that their timeline feature is broken! 

post is not displayed in Facebook timeline 2012 and how to fix the Facebook timeline 2012 problem.

Well it's confirmed the problem with the Facebook Timeline when I saw somebody else posted and complained about it... at least I'm not alone. I'm not sure if this is a really bug or maybe the update is a little bit slow. 

I've read somewhere that we actually need to wait till the last country hit the first day of the month and all the timeline will be updated. whatever... just hope that Facebook will improve on this... anyway I'm not sure about this as well,  tell me if you have any info.

So if you are asking yourself "Where is my 2012 timeline in Facebook?" or "my Facebook Timeline does not update on the 1st of the month" or "post and timeline Facebook is not working 2012" or "how to fix my Facebook timeline 2012" here's how to fix it. 

1. Go to your Facebook Timeline
2. Click the likes
3. Click edit on the top right 
4. Change something, add / remove something

5. Click finished editing on your top right of your Facebook page
6. And you should see all your missing post in the Facebook Timeline 

This solution was posted in Facebook by Nok Viravan:
‘Add or remove something in your likes and click "done saving". go to your profile wall and posts will automatically update to 2012’ 
  1. This doesn't work for Facebook Pages, only profiles.


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