06 January 2012

When iTunes music / mp3 store available in Singapore

SINGAPORE - You can now buy digital music and movies from Apple's iTunes Store. 

Music and movies are a new addition to the iTunes Store for 12 countries in Asia, which include Singapore, Hong Kong, Macau, Malaysia, Brunei, Philippines, Thailand, Taiwan, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos and Sri Lanka.

Users in these markets could only download and purchase apps from the iTunes Store previously. 

Now they can buy a song for up to S$1.28, rent a movie for S$4.98 or buy a high-definition movie for up to S$24.98 via the iTunes application on their computers or devices such as the Apple iPhone or iPad. - CNA

I've been wondering why those store like iTunes or Amazon mp3 don't want to spread their wing in the Asia region apart from Japan. I'm so frustrated regarding this ... how to buy music / mp3 online in Singapore here. the only option that you have currently is through singtel amped

if you do a little research the reason why iTunes or Amazon mp3 music is not available in Singapore / Asia is because piracy. doesn't make any sense ... with or without iTunes store offering mp3 music people are still going to pirate music and video and in my opinion it will help people to be more aware that with only 0.99 cent they can buy a music without a need to pirate it. 

I don't think it will come soon to Singapore anyway, now we are stuck with singtel amped with their limited songs but the bright side it's better than nothing :D 

I've sent an email and asked Apple why Apple don't open their iTunes store here and when is that going to happen. And here is Apple's email reply about iTunes music store / mp3 in Asia / Singapore:

Welcome to iTunes Store Customer Support. My name is ABC and I am glad to help you today. 
XYZ, I understand you live in Singapore and you would like to purchase music on the iTunes Store. 
Although purchasing music from the iTunes Store is not currently possible in your country, we do have an App Store for Singapore that you can purchase from. 
You can buy applications on the App Store and use them on an iPod touch or iPhone. There are thousands of applications ready to download now.

-_-" I didn't ask about app store ... I'm asking about music and mp3 

Although I cannot comment on future expansion plans of the iTunes Store, rest assured that we are committed to making it available to people around the world. 
Thank you for your interest. 
I hope this resolves the issue. 
If you have any further queries, please feel free to contact us. We will be happy to help you.

Although the answer is not able to satisfy me but I'm happy the way that they answer the customer in a promptly manner. 
  1. Thanks for sharing. I always wanted to ask Apple the exact same question. At least now i know that the answer would not be helpful. -_-

  2. Yeah thanks for the post. Totally wanted to ask them the same question ):

  3. Now iTunes music and movie store is available in Singapore!!!

  4. Yes FreedomTobe, thanks!

    I'm so happy but not that happy apparently there is still a lot of music not available in the SG store


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