18 September 2012

Guardian Cross iOS iPhone Guide tips and tricks

This is a simple guide, tips and tricks but I'll not discuss any cheat :p for Square Enix's new game called Guardian Cross for iPhone.

If you are playing rage of bahamut or legend of the crypt you should be familiar with this kind of card game. and of course the system of referral  / invite code, basically you need to get 25 referral / invite to get a SSR card. if you are looking for guardian cross referral / invite code I'm more than happy if you use my referral code / invite : UT03227 (zero there not an O)

In this game you are a tamer who capture, raise and control powerful beast known as Guardians. Unfortunately this Guardian cross currently  only available on the iPhone iOS, I heard that Guardian Cross for Android is coming soon.

It's a bit interesting how to acquired cards in Guardians Cross, instead of opening a card pack, you need to hunt your card by shooting them within 60 seconds.

here a some simple guide for guardian cross:

Get familiar with the system by going through the tutorial. 


how to get rare cards in Guardian cross? from hunting

you'll get a free hunting ticket every once per day and from questing.
there 2 type of hunting ticket, normal and special - with special ticket you'll get rare,srare and ssr with a higher probability.

I know the next big question will be "where can i get the special hunting ticket in guardian cross?"
there are three ways to get this:
1. buy it with real money
2. from the login bonus (the third day ,etc)
3. from exchanging your FP (friends point) -go to social - redeem points (you need 1500 fs for a special hunting ticket and 50 for a normal hunting ticket)

How do I get FP (friends point) in guardian cross? 
-adding / accepting friends
-invite friends through referral
-battle your friends

there are two types of boost that you can get during hunting:
1. Break (flashing red) - only last few seconds - one bullet to kill
2. +10 seconds (flashing yellow) - last until the guardian died - you'll get extra 10 seconds

hunt as much as possible during 60 seconds, this depend on your skill + luck normally I'll get 5-7 cards, a good hunt will be 7-11 cards, a super hunt 1-4 cards but with sr or ssr inside :p

if you saw 3 cards at the same place hunt for the uncommon one like the shape of the snake (hydra) instead bird / wolf / devil shape.

Give your Silver Slimy (enhance better than normal cards) to your friend ! you will not lost yours so always send it to your friends.

*update: do not use silver slimy to feed low level cards use it for 5* cards, this is the current currency in Guardian cross, you can get 3* by trading 1 smily and 4* by trading 3-4 smily

know the type of your guardians
Cool: (Base Stats)
Chaotic: +10%HP, -10%WIS
Sexy: +10%MP, -10%HP
Powerful: +10%ATK, -10%AGI
Brave: +10%DEF, -10%MP
Fast: +10%AGI, -10%DEF
Intelligent: +10%WIS, -10%ATK
ACE: +10% all stats

There are 2 type of enhancement:
combining: eat another cards to increase the selected card's level
magic stone: eat the magic stone (normally you get the magic stone from coliseum / gifts)
There isn't any evolving in this game only enhancement and magic stone.

Don't bother leveling up with a low level card (1stars) except it's the same type.

when leveling up, concentrate on only one or two cards ( r, sr or ssr). it's more powerful to have one card with level 40 instead of  4 cards with level 10 each.

Also don't feed (enhancement) with normal card (one star) instead sell the normal card and feed only high normal (2 stars) and above. you need to pay the same amount either normal or high normal of course the latter give you a higher quality.  Believe me you'll have a lot of hunting ticket from the quest and login bonus so sell off your normal and feed only on High normal and above.

Gather 5 coliseum tickets before entering it. through this way you'll get 1.2 bonus from the second battle to the fifth.

the bonus is also known as a chain bonus, here is the description "a chain is created when you use a coliseum pass and enter coliseum again within two hours ..."

btw the maximum coliseum ticket that you can hold is 5 so make sure you use it once you get your fifth coliseum ticket.

no brainer: always attack enemy with the least attack power

don't lose! you'll get point bonus and magic stones from the winning streak (e.g 30 winning streak will give you extra 100 points)

I'll update this from time to time if I get a new tips so please feel free to leave your tips below in the comment. if it's good I'll put it up on this post

last but not least please feel free to use my Guardian Cross referall code to get both of us a rare card from Final Fantasy :)

it's 0 (zero) not an O

happy hunting.

  1. "a super hunt 1-4 cards but with sr or ssr inside :p"

    It should be 11-14 cards rite? :P

  2. hahha it's correct

    4* and 5* far worthy than 10 2* cards :D

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