28 November 2012

Adsense - Payment in Progress

what does Payment in progress mean in Adsense?
"Adsense Google Payment details are currently unavailable, please check again later"

You've been issued a payment from Google AdSense via email
"Hello, Please note that we've recently issued a payment to you for your AdSense earnings. Your payment represents the total of your finalized earnings accumulated through the end of last month"
but the payment status in Adsense is showing as AdSense payment in progress

Not to worry according to the Google AdSense help, it will arrive (depends on the method of payment) in couple of day.

so payment issued = your payment (amount) has been finalized
payment in progress = they are preparing the payment
payment arrives = the payment is ready for pickup / sent

If there are any problems with your payment, a notice will be posted on your Payments page.

source: google adsense help
Earnings finalized: On the last day of each month, our system identifies all accounts that have reached the payment threshold. All the accounts that have reached the threshold are then sent for approval. Within the first 10 days of the month, a link with specific earnings details will be posted to your Payments page.

Payment issued: Towards the end of the month, a Payment issued line will be posted to your Payments page, indicating your payment has been calculated. At this time, we'll have your payment processed and sent to you.

Payment arrives: The time it takes for your payment to arrive depends on payment method you've selected.

    Standard delivery checks: generally arrive within 1-2 weeks of the mailing date in the U.S.;
    outside of the  U.S. typically arrive in 2-6 weeks.
    Secure delivery checks: generally arrive in 5-7 days.
    EFT payments: should arrive in your bank account within 4-10 days.
    Western Union Quick Cash payments: available for pick-up at a local agent the day after they are issued.
    Rapida payments: available for pickup at your local post branch two business days after they are sent.

If there are any problems with your payment, a notice will be posted on your Payments page.

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