23 November 2012

Canon LEGRIA HF R36 camcorder review

I don't own the camera, this review is based on the information that I gathered around. you can see the full spec of this H R36 camcorder from the Canon website.

honestly I don't see any big difference between 1080p in a small screen compared to iPhone 4S recording. But when you view in a full screen, you can see a significant difference in the video quality, especially when you are using the zoom, the canon legria hf R36 offer up to 32x optical zoom which no phone camcorder can match this.

Canon LEGRIA HF R36 video quality

I would say the the video quality is average, it's very dependable with the lighting that you've

iphone 4S video quality

Camcoder is better to capture video compared to a phone, why? simply because you can hold the camcorder better than a phone. with the grip + Image stabilizer you can minimize the handshake

this is a draw back from this canon LEGRIA HF R36 camcorder. from users's feedback it seems that the battery life can only hold anywhere from 25 - 1 hour only for using the standard battery  battery BP709.  you've the option to upgrade this to higher capacity with optional battery BP718 / BP727.

"bad point is the stupid 30 min (max) life battery that comes with the camera. Then the ridiculous price for a genuine Canon spare battery, about a third the cost of the actual camera."  
"The absolute rubbish battery they ship with the camera. You get 1 hour of recording only from this battery. OK, it is small and light - but come on! 1 Hour! "  
"This is the only HD camcorder I've tried so it may be common but the included battery lasts just 25mins and its dead." comments from amazon uk
comes with 9 different filters:
(Standard / Vivid / Dream / Cool / Nostalgic / Sepia / Old Movies / Memory / Dramatic B & W).

Story Creator
The new Story Creator function provides guidance and direction for making well composed movies by providing a list of scene suggestions linked to one of five preset themes. Before you start shooting your movie the Story Creator function offers you the choice of five topics to select from (travel, kids and pets, party, ceremony and blog) and then advises you on the order in which to capture the shots and even recommends a length of time for each scene. In addition, a new on-screen guide button provides additional information to assist with subject composition and recommended duration as and when you need it.

+ budget friendly 
+ better than a phone (obvious :p) 
+ 32x optical zoom 
+ story creator for newbie 
+ easy to transfer the video out

-battery life
-video quality is not that good for that rpice
-build is too small for some people, plastic feel 

I would agree with the conclusion from cnet review
"While the HFR36 is a cheap camcorder, you definitely get what you pay for. Obviously, this is both a good thing and a bad thing; while it won't hurt your wallet too much, you may be left wanting on video quality. If you want to take your filming more seriously, try spending the extra money on the Canon Legria HFM52."
if you have a spare money or serious about video recording get HFM52 isntead

Price currently during sitex 2012 in singapore
Canon LEGRIA HF R36 $749
Canon LEGRIA HF M52 $1229

both comes with extra battery. SITEX 2012

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