30 November 2012

Google AdSense Cash Payment in Singapore Western Union Quick Cash

Wondering an easier way to get your AdSense money to Singapore / Asia other than cheque? Google introduced AdSense cash payment through western union quick cash in Singapore and other country. to check the list of the country that supported by western union quick cash click here for the list of the countries.

What's the benefit of using western union quick cash for your adsense payment in Singapore? This means that you won't have to wait for a check to arrive in the mail. Choosing to receive your adsense payments by Western Union is also free (but your hard earned USD will be converted to SGD with Western union's exchange rate) you don't have to wait for the cheque (2-3 weeks) and the bank to get your cash.

how to change your AdSense payment type to western union? simply follow this guide:

1. Sign in to your account.
2. Visit the Account settings page.

3. In the Payment settings section, click "edit payment method."
Choose the radio button for Western Union Quick Cash and click Continue.

4. enter your first name and last name and make sure it's matches your id 

5. click the agreement and press "save changes"  

your payment type will be updated :)

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