23 November 2012

How To Transfer Re-Entry Permit Singapore PR To a New Passport

I've a new passport in Singapore, how about my Singapore PR (Permanent Resident) Re Entry Permit 
How do I transfer my Re Entry Permit in my old passport to the new one? 

2. log in with your Singpas
3. In the main menu select Transfer of Re-Entry Permit.  

4. next enter your particular, enter your new passport number, issue and expiry date, etc. 
5. it will prompt you to confirm the data that you've entered. 
6. Press Okay, it will says that your transfer has been successful. 
7. Print out! if you don't have printer just save it as pdf.. 
8. Keep the print out in your passport .... just in case...

Take a photo with your iPhone or Android phone, you never know when you need it :) 

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